Endorsements of Moving On

Deanna Harrison has written a powerful book about how to deal with the pain of forced termination from a church. She correctly observes that you never “get over” such an event. It is an experience that exposes all the elements of grief. Deanna skillfully weaves biblical principles, psychological findings, and staggering statistics to provide hope that God can bring healing and recovery to individuals and families who face the trauma of forced termination. If you’ve experienced this heartache, or know someone who has, this book is a valuable resource.

Pastor David O. Dykes
Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, Texas


Moving On by Deanna Harrison is an unusually insightful and practical book on forced termination while in ministry. It is chock full of solid theological and practical counsel for ministry families who are walking that difficult road. Through her own life story, Deanna offers others hope, healing and a balanced biblical perspective. I highly recommend!

Susie Hawkins
Author, speaker, minister’s wife, Dallas, Texas


I have a unique appreciation for Deanna’s story. As one directing mental health services to thousands of ministry families for over a decade, I saw firsthand the devastating impact of forced termination. As a son of a minister who followed his father’s footsteps in ministry and experienced the joys and challenges of ministry before entering the mental health field, I have nothing but praise for Moving On. It is very well done, spiritually and psychologically.

Dan McGee, Ph.D., author, teacher, counselor
President, Dan McGee Associates, Inc.

This book is an essential read for all church folk, and serves as a lifesaving guide for those dealing with recovery from forced termination. Part devotional, part Bible Study, and part support group, Deanna’s honest expression of her journey is well researched, well written, and well lived.

Debbie Tudor, MS, LPCS
Rockwall Counseling, PA


Moving On should be required reading for any layperson who serves in church leadership. Ministers, their spouses and families will find Deanna Harrison’s book to be a healing journey. Moving On is a valuable contribution to a conversation that needs to start between the people who sit in the pews and those who stand in the pulpits all across America. Five Stars!

Pastor James Shupp
Author, Who Killed My Church?


To be “terminated” is far more than being fired or forced to resign. It is a death of identity, calling, relationship and love. For some reason, churches and ministries do it badly and it destroys people unless, like Deanna and her husband, they make the choice to live again.

Fred Smith, President
The Gathering


The ministry families that are exposed to the un-Christlike behaviors associated with forced termination are negatively affected for years to come. Deanna Harrison shares her family’s experience with forced termination in Moving On. Because it is often so difficult to heal from such an experience, I appreciate the work Deanna provides in this book on her process of healing. Those who have been subjected to this traumatic experience will find biblical and practical advice for moving on.

Marcus N. Tanner, Ph.D., LMFTA
Texas Tech University & Founder of HealingChoice