On Being Held

When our daughter was an infant, she had terrible colic. Our pediatrician assured us she would outgrow it and in the meantime all we could really do was hold her. Night after night I’d walk the floor, holding my precious little baby in my arms as she wailed in pain. One night I noticed her … [Read more…]

An Anchor for Your Soul

A catchphrase that is making the rounds in Christian circles today is this: “God is good all the time. All the time, God is good.” I’ve even attended church services where the phrase is used as a sort of contemporary liturgical chant: Worship leader: God is good! Congregation: All the time! Worship leader: All the … [Read more…]


Have you ever noticed that when you’re going through a really tough time in life, people like to give pat answers? They’re uncomfortable saying nothing so they say something trite. Or worse, they misquote scripture. For example, you’ve probably had a well-meaning individual attempt to encourage you by saying, “God will not give you more … [Read more…]


Hello and welcome to MOVING ON. This site has one purpose: to provide hope and encouragement to ministers and their families who have experienced forced termination. I welcome your comments and feedback. If you do not want to share publicly, please email me at deanna@deannaharrison.com. If you know someone who is grieving because of forced … [Read more…]